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The safest & simplest way to extinguish fire! 

KAIMART® fire extinguishing ball. The revolutionary design has a built-in fire-extinguishing powder that forcefully blows over the base of the fire. Oxygen is blown out of the fire induced area as the powder covers the flames. Elide's innovative fire extinguishing ball has rapidly asserted itself as a standard of quality in the fire safety market and has proven to save numerous lives around the world. Protect your family and protect your business now! 

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Globally acknowledged quality

Kaimart® Ball is a patented invention that has benefited more than 50,000 quality assurance tests to guarantee performance. The product has received a gold medal at the Eureka Innovation Awards, Europe for best innovation, a Bronze Medal from the Genius Awards in Japan, a Gold Medal at the WIPO Awards, a Gold Medal at the KIPA Awards from South Korea, and a Gold Medal from Federal Agency of Science and Innovation from the Russian Federation and National Research Council of Thailand, respectively. 

What others are saying about 

KAIMART® fire extinguishing ball

This exploding ball wipes out fire like magic!

Just think of it as a grenade in reverse - it creates a explosion that actually puts out fire. Crazy? A little. Awesome? Absolutely.

It's safer to use than a normal fire extinguisher


No. 1 in Top 100 awesome products for first half 2016 by Michi Yamamoto 

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How to use KAIMART® fire extinguishing ball 


Active use: when a fire breaks out, simply toss in the ball. It will naturally fall into the base of the flame and activate within 3 to 10 seconds. The fire ball is 152 mm in diameter and weighs less than three pounds making it extremely easy to use. Training or special skills are not required.

Kaimart® is extremely versatile so it can be placed in fire risk areas of, such as: above power switches, in kitchens or above overloaded sockets. The are two ways of using it:

Passive use: One of the most important advantages of Kaimart® Ball is that it self detonates when in contact with fire. If placed in high fire risk areas it will self-activate and instantaneously put out the fire.

The best option for passive use of the fire ball is to place it on a wall stand in the most vulnerable places. The ball can be either placed on wall stand or simply put on a flat, visible, easy to access surface. The most recommended placement areas include outlets, power switches, electrical panels, fireplaces etc.  Find out more.

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The advantages of using Kaimart® FIRE EXTINGUISHING BALL

Kaimart® is an important technological breakthrough soon to become a reference on the firefighting products market. It is enforced by a series of striving advantages that make the product stand out by itself:



The fireball has no moving or mechanical parts. It doesn’t require any training due to its simple use cases.


The shelf life of the product is 5 years, with no inspection or maintenance required.


It self detonates in case of fire situation even in absence of people.



The fireball weighs only 3.3 pounds and has a 5.9 inches diameter, that is why this device is so compact and easy to store or transport.


 The ball does not activate in absence of fire.


The fire ball can be installed on the wall or simply placed on a flat surface. It can be placed on a shelf, a table or any other visible, easy accessible surface. 


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