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"Just think of it as a grenade in reverse - it creates an explosion that actually puts out fire. Crazy? A little. Awesome? Absolutely."

on Kaimart® Fire Extinguishing Ball, May 2016

                    Introducing Kaimart® Fire Extinguishing Ball


Did you know? 90% of ordinary people don't know how to use a fire extinguisher. Are you one of those who felt powerless when it came to using a fire extinguisher in real situations?


KAIMART® was created in response to the increasing and continuous density of urban communities facing a huge risk of potential fire-related disasters. The need for a proactive fire safety measure is becoming evident. The fire ball is not a substitute for the statutory fire extinguisher.


The KAIMART® fire extinguishing ball is based on a revolutionary technology that provides much more advanced solutions than portable fire extinguishers. The limitations and problems associated with conventional extinguishing methods (maintenance, training, etc.) are at the root of its development. It is easy to use and provides permanent protection as it is self-activating in the presence of a flame, without human intervention.

Technical characteristics

Technical information:

  • Weight of extinguishing powder mixture: 2.8 +/- 0.44 pounds

  • Total weight of the product: 3.3 +/- 0.44 pounds

  • NEC: 0.88 pounds

  • Diameter: 5.9 inches

  • Warning audio signal: 120-140 dBA

  • Activation time: 3 - 10 sec with flame

  • Ensure extinguishing of fires in the distance up to 8 – 10 m2.

  • Product type: other pyrotechnic products, pyrotechnic extinguishing agents

  • Category: P1

  • CE NB: 1395 – P1 – 0128/2010 (EU Standard)

The product is recommended for fire extinguishing and surveillance for the following types of fire: 

  • Class A - combustible materials (wood, paper, fabric, refuse)

  • Class B - flammable liquids 

  • Class C - flammable gas

  • Class E - Electric fires

  • Class F - Fires related to cooking aid

For classes B*, C* and electrical fire, Kaimart® Fire Extinguishing Ball is used to surveillance fire only.


How does it work?

Kaimart® Ball is very easy to use and provides extra protection as it self detonates in the presence of fire.

Simple throw the fire ball into the fire. Within 3 to 10 seconds after the contact with the flame, the trigger inside the fire ball detonates the fuse on the ball’s surface. An instant blast occurs and the chemical powder disperses over an area of 86-107 square meters. The outward driving force of the blast pushes the oxygen out of the fire area and the powder extinguishes the fire.

Because it activates automatically, there are no required skills or special training to use it. It is accessible to any user: women, children or elderly people they just have to roll or toss it into the fire base from a safe distance.

When the ball self detonates, it gives a loud warning sound around 120-140 dBA which is not harmful to people.

How should you use it?

Kaimart® Ball is extremely versatile so it can be placed in places with fire risk, such as above power switches, in kitchens or above overloaded sockets. The are two ways of using it:

Active use: when a fire breaks out, simply throw the ball into the fire. It will naturally fall into the base of the flame and activate within 3 to 10 seconds. Neither mechanical operations nor training or special skills are required. The fire ball is 3.3 pounds and has a 5.9 inches, extremely easy to handle.

Passive use: One of the most important advantages of Kaimart® Ball is that it self detonates in presence of fire. If placed in high fire risk areas, where most of fires break out, it will self-activate when reaching the trigger temperature and will instantaneously put out the fire.

The best option for passive use of the fire ball is to place it on a wall stand in the most vulnerable places. The ball can be either placed on wall stand or simply put on a flat, visible, easy accessible surface. The most recommended areas are high fire risk areas such as outlets or power switches, fireplaces etc.

What are the advantages of Kaimart® Ball?

Kaimart® Ball is an important technological breakthrough soon to become a reference on the firefighting products market. It is enforced by a series of striving advantages that make the product stand out by itself:


Easy to use 
The fireball has no pins, no moving or mechanical parts. It doesn’t require any training due to its simple use cases. 

Compact and lightweight 
The fireball weighs only 3.3 pounds and has a 5.9 inches diameter, that is why this device is so compact and easy to store or transport.


It self detonates in case of fire situation even in absence of people.


Alarm sound 
The alarm sound it makes of 120-140 dBA does not exceed the limit values set for physical agents by the American Conference of Industrial Hygiene Governmental Experts, values which can be used as fire alarms.


Increased safety for users 
Extinguishing the fire with Kaimart® Ball does not imply getting near the dangerous flames or gases. Just toss or roll the ball into the fire and it will detonate itself.


No false alarms 
The ball does not activate in absence of fire.


Provides flexibility 
Its design is aesthetic and its installation simple - it can be put on table top or on the wall.


No inspection required 
The shelf life of the product is 5 years, during which no inspection or maintenance is required.


Most advantageous protection cost 
As user, you will benefit of the most advantageous protection cost throughout the product’s lifespan.


Environmental friendly 
It does not pollute the environment.


Human safe 
The force generated by the ball’s activation is not harmful for humans.


The fire ball can be installed on the wall or simply placed on a flat surface. It can be placed on a shelf, a table or any other visible, easy accessible surface. The most recommended places to put a fire ball are high fire risk areas such as kitchens, power switches, near fire places or overloaded outlets. 

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