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                    Globally recognized quality

Kaimart® Ball is a patented invention that has benefited of quality testing more than 50,000 times to ensure performance. Furthermore, the product has won the golden medal at Eureka Innovation Awards Europe for best innovation, one Bronze Medal of Genius Award from Japan, Gold Medal WIPO Award, Gold Medal KIPA Award from South Korea, Gold Medal from Federal Agency for Science and Innovations of Russian Federation and National Research Council of Thailand.

More recently, she joined a drone of intervention and post-fire surveillance and obtained, during her presentation at the Lépine 2018 Competition, the Grand Prix du Sénat and the Prix de la Chambre de Commerce de l'Industrie.

KAIMART® is certified for use in the European Community and ensures product compliance with EU requirements.

The intellectual property for the product it’s patented as follows:

  • Thai Patent No. 18966 

  • International Patent PCT WIPO No. WO2004/014489

  • International Patent PCT WIPO No. WO2008/150265

  • European Patent  No. EP 2160233 

  • USA Patent No. US 6796382 at the United States and Trademark Office

  • Eurasian Patent No. 200802044

  • Chinese Invention Patent No. ZL 02829433.5

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) No. PCT/US/2002/025158 

  • Turkish Patent No. TR2008 09279Y

The quality production process is certified through ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Certificate Standard).

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Documents and certifications

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