The KAIMART® fireproof ball is protected by an intellectual property patent. This technology was invented in 1998 by ELIDE FIRE® ball Pro. Co. Ltd. Beware of counterfeiting!!!!!

-AFO - Auto Fire Off

-BEA 112

-SuperFire Ball (boule AFO)

-Secure-Ball (boule AFO)

-Ice ball etc...


Ineffective copies!

As these videos show, here is a comparison between the AFO ball (Chinese copy) and the ELIDE FIRE® ball.
The many copies available are ineffective against fire. The powders used do not comply with the standards of EN 615. Don't risk losing everything, opt for a safe and sustainable solution.

Le marquage "CE"

Reproduction of KAIMART products

A copy of the KAIMART® balls was recently created, reproducing the packaging and logos. Original products have a QR Code. Scan it, it ensures the conformity of your product.

Legal actions

In 2013, the Council for Intellectual Property and International Trade issued a search warrant and asked the police services of the Economic Crime Division to search and arrest the infringer of Intellectual Property Patent No. 18966 of the "FIRE EXTINGUISHING BALL".